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Practice Recommendations



Recommendations Strenght of Evidence
1.0        Nurses implement minimal tobacco  use intervention using the "Ask, Advise, Assist, Arrange" protocol with all clients. A

2.0        Nurses introduce intensive smoking cessation intervention (more than 10 minutes duration) when  their knowledge and time enables them  to engage in more intensive counselling.

3.0             Nurses recognize that tobacco  users may relapse several times before achieving abstinence and need  to re-engage clients in the smoking cessation process. B
4.0             Nurses should be knowledgeable about  community smoking cessation resources,  for referral and follow-up. C
5.0       Nurses implement smoking cessation interventions, paying particular attention to gender,  ethnicity and age-related issues, and tailor strategies to the diverse needs  of populations. C
6.0             Nurses implement, wherever  possible, intensive intervention with women who are pregnant and postpartum. A
7.0             Nurses encourage persons  who smoke, as well as those  who do not, to make their homes  smoke-free,  to protect  children, families and themselves from exposure  to second-hand smoke. A


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Integrating Smoking Cessation into Daily Nursing Practice
Practice Recommendations