Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Client Quit Smoking Booklets

Canadian Cancer Society

National Office, Suite 200

10 Alcorn Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M4V 3B1


Toll Free: 1-888-939-3333


Offers booklets and self-help resources for smokers, such as “For Smokers who want to Quit”, and “For Smokers who don’t want to

Quit”, available in English, French and Chinese.


Ontario Smoker’s Helpline:


Offers a free self-help smoking cessation program called One Step at a Time.


Centre for Addiction and

Mental Health

33 Russell Street

Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S1

416-535-8501 ext 1600


Operates a Smoking Cessation Clinic and has launched a workshop, TEACH The Training Enhancement in Applied Cessation Counselling

and Health for health practitioners


Health Canada

Tobacco Control Programme P.L. 3507C

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9

Tel: 1-866-318-1116

(Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET;

voice-mail available at all other times)

Fax: 613-954-2284



This website contains a variety of tools to help Canadians quit smoking. Persons who smoke can sign up with the e-Quit program for a 30-day series of free e-mail messages to help them through the cessation process.


Leave the Pack Behind

Brock University

500 Glenridge Avenue,

St. Catharines, Ontario

Tel: 905-688-5550 ext. 4992



Ontario Lung Association

Tel: (416)-864-9911

Toll Free: 1-800-972-2636



Registered Nurses Association of

Ontario (RNAO)


RNAO offers an e-learning course to help educate health professionals on smoking cessation interventions.



Up-to-date information on smoking cessation practices for pregnant and postpartum women can be found here.


Addiction and Mental Health
Integrating Smoking Cessation into Daily Nursing Practice
Client and Family Education