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Education Recommendations

Education Recommendations

4.1 Education for all health-care professionals includes:

a. Formal and informal opportunities for discipline-specific and interprofessional students to develop and demonstrate the ability to recognize, prevent and manage violence in the workplace.

b. Opportunities for students to learn how to protect themselves from violence in the workplace.

c. Appropriate communication strategies for responding to conflict and/or “escalating aggression” in the workplace from patients, peers and other health-care professionals, supervisors and faculty.

d. Learning related to how, and when, to use formal reporting methods for addressing violence in the workplace.

e. Supporting students in recognizing the impact of violence in the workplace on health, career and life, and encouragement to seek individual, organizational and systemic solutions.

f. Opportunities for participants to examine the workplace culture using critical social theory perspectives.

g. Ensuring that students are informed and adhere to academic and service health and safety policies and procedures related to the prevention and management of violence in clinical placements.

4.2 Education programs and educators for all health-care professionals:

a. Recognize that intended and unintended forms of incivility, aggression and violence enacted in academic and clinical settings can serve to reproduce and escalate violent behaviours and practices between and among all health-care professionals in academic and health-care organizations.

b. Review and respond to recommendations from coroners' inquests to ensure that programs are in keeping with the development of a workplace free of violence.

4.3 Academic settings role model a violence-free environment and culture by fully adhering to their organizational policies, procedures and practices, and augmenting any gaps in those with recommendations included in this guideline.


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