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Transition Resources for Youth with Chronic Health Conditions

Good 2 Go Transition Program: The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario

This program is from The Hospital for Sick Children. Their goal is to prepare all youth with chronic health conditions to leave The Hospital for Sick Children by the age of 18 years with the necessary skills and knowledge to advocate for themselves (or through others), maintain health-promoting behaviors and utilize adult health-care services appropriately and successfully.


Good 2 Go Transition Program: MyHealth Passport

As part of The Hospital for Sick Children’s Good 2 Go Transition Program,  MyHealth Passport allows youth to create a customized, wallet-size card that gives them instant access to their medical information. It is intended for when youth go to a new doctor or visit an emergency room.


Ability Online

Ability Online Support Network is a vibrant online community for youth and young adults of all abilities (Parents and Professionals welcome too - this is a great resource). Membership is free and the online experience is safe, secure & monitored. Learning modules are designed to help our members develop self-esteem, confidence & increased independence. 

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