Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Transfer of Care Arrangements

  • Provide the following information for clients moving between care settings:
    • Risk factors identified;
    • Details of pressure points and skin condition prior to discharge;
    • Current plan to minimize pressure, friction and shear:
      • Type of bed/mattress
      • Type of seating
      • Current transfer techniques used by the client (bed-chair-commode);
    • History of ulcers, previous treatments, products used and products not effective:
      • Stage/Category, site and size of existing ulcers
      • Type of dressing currently used and frequency of dressing change
      • Allergies and adverse reactions to wound care products
      • Summary of relevant laboratory results
      • Client and family response/ adherence to prevention and treatment plan
      • Requirement for pain management;
    • Details of ulcers that are closed; and
    • Need for on-going interprofessional support.
  • When transferring clients between care settings identified risk factors need to be shared with the interdisciplinary team, including the current status of the skin, any pressure points and any alterations to the skin integrity
  • Consider interprofessional referrals to enhance patient outcomes
Clinical Management
Risk Assessment and Prevention of Pressure Ulcers
Point of Care Resources