Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Infusion Therapy Defined

  • Infusion therapy is the parenteral administration of fluids, medications, nutritional support, and transfusion of blood and blood products, delivered though a vascular access device (VAD) inserted into a peripheral or central vein.
  • Vascular access devices (VADs) are an integral aspect of health care for neonates, children, and adults
  • Client assessment by nurses at the onset of infusion therapy, coupled with access device insertion by nurses and physicians has demonstrated:
    •  improved client satisfaction
    • fewer delays in therapy related to loss of vascular access
    • fewer device complications
    • preservation of peripheral veins
    • less nursing time spent attempting to gain vascular access
    • shorter hospital stays
    • fewer emergency room visits, and
    • decreased costs associated with infusion therapy
Clinical Management
Assessment and Device Selection for Vascular Access
Background Information