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Government Recommendations

Government Recommendations
3.1 Governments recognize that conflict within Health-care teams is a priority issue.
3.2 All levels of government promote a healthy workplace environment by:
  • Developing policies and legislative frameworks that support the management and mitigation of conflict; Developing policies and legislative frameworks that encourage intraprofessional, interprofessional collaboration and teamwork;
  • Ensuring sustainable financial resources to effectively prevent, manage and mitigate conflict in all Health-care settings; and
  • Establishing accountability requirements, such as through quality improvement plans, accreditation or other accountability agreements that address the management and mitigation of conflict within all Health-care settings.
3.3 Government agencies, policy and decision-makers strategically align conflict management with other initiatives pertaining to healthy work environments, patient/client safety, interprofessional collaborative practice, and quality patient/client care.
3.4 Governments commit to establishing and supporting research with appropriate levels of funding, acknowledging the complexity of the type of studies required to examine conflict within Health-care teams.


Healthy Work Environment
Managing and Mitigating Conflict in Health-care Teams
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