Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Professional, Regulatory and Union Bodies Recommendations

Professional, Regulatory and Union Bodies Recommendations

5.1 Professional, regulatory and union bodies for health-care professionals:

a. Serve as role models through the creation of safe, respectful and violence-free environments within their workplace's staff, board of directors, committees and volunteers.

b. Establish outreach programs that address violence in the workplace.

c. Reflect the importance of safe, respectful, violence-free working environments in all applicable policies, standards, guidelines and educational materials developed by the organizations.

d. Develop and collaborate with others to communicate common education and advocacy messages that advance violence-free working environments.

e. Educate health-care professionals and the public regarding violence in the workplace, including systemic, organizational and individual prevention, early detection and management.

f. Review and respond to recommendations from coroners' inquests to ensure that standards and educational programs are in keeping with the development of a workplace free of violence.


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