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Resources for Assessing Breastfeeding

The Hill & Humenick Lactation Scale  - assesses positioning, latch, and milk supply. For more information click here.

The LATCH Breastfeeding Assessment Tool - assesses five key components of breastfeeding, including positioning and latch and the level of comfort with latching. For more information click here.

Breastfeeding assessment instruments and their use in clinical practice. For more information click here.   

Newborn Breastfeeding Assessment – A photo gallery of newborns that includes a series of images of the mouth and neurological reflexes (e.g., sucking and rooting) relevant for breastfeeding assessment. For more information click here. 

The Breastfeeding Self--Efficacy Scale-Short Form assesses breastfeeding self-efficacy (BSE) or confidence. BSE reflects a person's perceived abilities to breastfeed.  




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Breastfeeding Best Practice Guidelines for Nurses
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