Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Purpose & Scope

  • This guideline addresses the many factors that contribute to nurses’ health, safety and well-being and makes specific recommendations that may influence the overall health and well-being of the individual nurse.
  • The recommendations have been grouped according to the following themes:
    • Organization Practice recommendations are directed toward organizations/nursing employers.
    • Research recommendations are directed toward individual researchers as well as research to be done from a policy perspective.
    • Education recommendations are directed toward both individual nurse educators and academic institutions/nursing programs.
    • System recommendations are directed toward accrediting organizations and governments to gain their assistance in implementing strategies to create healthy work environments for nurses.
  • This best practice guideline has been developed to identify and describe:
    • What organizational systems and supports promote and enhance the health, well-being and safety of nurses in their workplace?
    • What is the impact of health, well-being and safety-focused environments for nurses on quality of outcomes for patients/clients, nurses, organizations and systems?
    • How can nursing education institutions and nurse researchers influence the health, well-being and safety of nurses?
  • The guideline is relevant to all domains of nursing (clinical practice, administration, education, research and policy) and all practice settings where nurses are employed.
  • Specific targets include: organizations and nursing employers; nursing leaders; human resource professionals and occupational health and safety committees within organizations; nurse educators within academic institutions; and researchers and policy makers.
Healthy Work Environment
Workplace Health, Safety and Well-being of the Nurse
Background Information