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Research Recommendations

Research Recommendations
2.1 Researchers partner with governments, professional associations, regulatory bodies, unions, health service organizations and educational institutions, to conduct research into workplace violence. The goal is to increase understanding of preventive measures, early identification, occurrences of violence and their impact on staff and staffing, retention and recruitment of nurses and other health-care professionals, and organizational performance.

2.2 Interprofessional researchers study the:

a. Prevalence and incidence of violence in workplaces throughout all types of organizational settings and in all sectors.

b. Nature of mitigating factors influencing violence in the workplace including incivility experienced by nurses and other health-care workers, nursing students and educators in academic and clinical practice settings.

c. Range of impacts of bullying and violence in the workplace (including health effects, career, financial and professional effects) on targeted nurses and other health-care workers, and on patient/client, organizational and system outcomes, including quality of care.

d. Existence and effectiveness of current management philosophies and practices to assess risk, prevent and manage violence in the workplace.

e. Efficacy of programs to assess the nature and prevalence of violence and prevent it, evaluating the effectiveness of existing and future workplace violence training and education programs.

2.3 Researchers develop, implement and evaluate research on the conceptual model constructed for these guidelines to assess its fit with the concept of workplace violence.


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