Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Key Assumptions

The recommendations within this guideline are based on the following key assumptions:

  1. While clients may need information and support to self-management about their health state, they are ultimately in control of these important self-management decisions. (Bodenheimer, Lorig, Holman, Grumbach, 2002).
  2. The client’s need for support with decision making specific to their self-management is variable and should be individually tailored.
  3. Information and support for clients related to their self-management should promote care consistent with scientific evidence and client preferences.
  4. Collaborative relationships with clients and their families are critical to the success of self-management support.
  5. Self-management options depend on individual client’s circumstances, and availability of resources.
  6. This BPG is intended to promote the provision of evidenced based care of the highest quality related to decision and self-management support for adults with chronic health conditions.
  7. Nurses are one of several health care provider groups that are involved in providing self-management support.


Chronic Disease
Strategies to Support Self Management in Chronic Conditions
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