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Government Recommendations

Government Recommendations

1.1 Governments promote a workplace1 free from violence by:

a. Enacting and enforcing legislation that promotes a violence-free workplace. This would include a review of existing legislation and regulations in consultation with professional associations, regulatory bodies, unions and health service organizations. Such legislation must include mandatory reporting and whistle-blower protection for those who report violence in the workplace. It must also include structural changes that equalize power bases, as this is a key contributor to aggression. Specifically, it must transform legislated Medical Advisory Committees into legislated Interprofessional Advisory Committees that will allow all health-care providers to participate fully in creating a healthy work environment and excellence in patient care. This does not preclude the utilization of discipline-specific professional practice committees to address discipline-specific practice issues.

b. Disseminating broadly the resources required to assist with implementation of revised legislation.

c. Ensuring adequate funding for staffing, mandatory education and leadership development to prevent, identify and respond to violence in the workplace.

d. Role modeling respectful behaviours towards nurses and other health-care professionals and ensuring that they are involved in planning and decision-making processes related to health, safety and wellness issues.

e. Developing and monitoring organizational accountability. This would include, but not be limited to, indicators to measure effectiveness of prevention programs, prevalence and incidence of violence in the work setting, as well as fair and consistent responses to the reporting of violence, regardless of the power base of those involved in the violence.

f. Reviewing and responding to recommendations from coroners' inquests in keeping with the development of a workplace free of violence

1.2 Governments fund, and engage with communities in developing and implementing multisectoral strategies that address the root causes of violence, including the social determinants. These strategies must improve health and strengthen communities.


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