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Addiction and Mental Health

Point of Care Resources
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Algorithm for Engaging Clients Who Use Substances
Key Areas for Comprehensive Assessment
Motivational Interviewing
Transtheoretical Model of Change
Using the Stages of Change in Nursing Practice
Methadone Maintenance Treatment Decision Trees
Practice Consideration that Enhances Practice When Working with Adults Experiencing Crisis
Components of a Mental Status Assessment
Brief Interventions
Communication Techniques to Guide Trauma-Informed Crisis Interventions
Interview Questions for Assessment of Suicidal Ideation and Plan
Process Overview
Brief Intervention
Questions to guide strength-based care
Tobacco Intervention Plan
Treatment Options and Goals
Completing a Client Assessment
Potential Hazardous Item
Combined Pharmacological and psychosocial interventions
Tobacco Interventions
Explicit Statements to Promote Collaboration and Choice
Sample Collateral Questions
Components of evaluation of care
Pregnant or Postpartum women
Tips for Ensuring the Holistic Needs of Clients are Part of Their Treatment Plan
Possible Strategies for Affirming Client’s Self-Worth
Strategies for Using a Problem Solving Approach to Solution
Environmental Considerations for Promoting Safety
Administration of MMT - Tips for identification of Right Client
Postvention Interventions
Administration of MMT - Tips for Right Route for Oral Ingestion of Methadone
Administration of MMT - Tips for Ensuring Right Dose When Administering Methadone
Administration of MMT - Tips for Right Time When Administering Methadone
Considerations for Vulnerable Populations
Administration of MMT - Tips for Administering the Right Medication
Administration of MMT - Tips for Ensuring Right Documentation
Health Teaching for Clients Initiating Methadone
Criteria for Carry Doses
Common Potential Drug Interactions with Methadone
Urine Drug Screening
Symptoms of Opioid Overdose Versus Opioid Withdrawal
Consideration in the Management of Acute Pain for Clients on Methadone