Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Strategies to promote adherence

Counsel about the  regimen

  • Explain that more than one drug may  be necessary
  • Explain that client will probably take  medication for life
  • Ask client to bring all pill vials (including OTCs & herbal remedies) to all visits

Consider alternative medication delivery options

  • Consider using a dosette or other medication delivery system
  • Consider switching medication packaging– from vial to blister packs

Cue medications to daily events

  • Schedule and trigger pill taking according to daily activities (e.g., meals, brushing teeth)
  • Use beepers, reminder cards, phone reminders, computer reminders
  • Convenience of care  (provide medications at work  place)

Monitor adherence to treatments and appointments

  • Remind clients about medications and appointments
  • Call clients who  have missed appointments for needed follow-up care  

Reinforce the  importance of high  adherence at each visit and explicitly acknowledge efforts to adhere

  • Take BP and talk about personal BP target at every  available visit
  • Encourage Self BP monitoring with  regular review and reinforcement

    Involve family  members and significant others (with  clients’ permission)

  • Family members knowledge of the  treatment plan and medication regimen can  help promote adherence
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