Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Individual Recommendations

Individual Recommendations

4.0 Nurses, including charge nurses, responsible for day-to-day staffing decisions for their unit or team demonstrate skills and knowledge that support a comprehensive approach to staffing, including the following: knowledge of patient needs; knowledge of the team, including an understanding of individual skill levels, communication skills, flexibility, competencies, and scopes of practice; and an understanding of the organization.

4.1All nurses understand and apply the processes for reporting and documenting unsafe staffing practices as per the requirements of regulatory bodies and organizational policies.

4.2 Point-of-care-nurses participate in staffing decisions at the strategic, operational, and day-to-day levels utilizing processes of shared governance.

4.3 Point-of-care nurses demonstrate an understanding of organization and unit staffing policies and processes through the following: regular attendance, proactive vacation planning, appropriate sick time notification, and knowledge of interprofessional and intra-professional team members’ roles.

4.4 Nursing leaders support the development and operation of a staffing committee with representation from all units/teams/areas, including administration, and with a majority of members consisting of point-of-care registered nurses.


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