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Health System Level Governments Recommendations

Health System Level  Governments Recommendations
7. Federal, provincial, regional and local governments commit both financial and human resources to Governments develop, implement and evaluate care delivery models, policies and programs that support appropriate staffing and workloads.
7.1 Governments commit to providing financial resources that facilitate the development of sustainable effective nursing staffing practices within all health care organizations that foster healthy work environments for nurses.
7.2 The Principal Nurse Advisor (PNA) is an integral part of the health system decision-making authority at the federal/provincial/territorial ministry levels and has the requisite knowledge, authority and accountability related to nursing human resources.
7.3 The PNA has a sustainable budget to develop, support and evaluate a nursing human resources strategy that is integrated within a broad health human resources strategy
7.4 The PNA is involved in health system planning and decision making related to nursing strategic planning and policy making, nursing staffing and workload matters


Healthy Work Environment
Developing and Sustaining Effective Staffing and Workload Practices
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