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Health System Level Research Recommendations

Health System Level Research Recommendations
8.Nurses in all roles, nursing and health services researchers, policy makers, decision makers, professional associations, unions, and the public work together to build the necessary evidence to inform staffing and workload best practices in the delivery of safe, competent, and equitable care to patients/clients . Research that focuses on building evidence in next generation workload measurement systems in nurse staffing can be accomplished by:
8.1 Allocating research funding to investigate the impact of length of shift, hours of work and environment on patient/client safety, nurse safety, quality of work life and continuity of patient/client care
8.2 Working in partnerships to better understand the impact of changing health delivery models and innovative nurse staffing policies and workload management systems on patient/client, nurse and other health care provider, and system outcomes.
8.3 Focusing on better understanding the evolving and new roles for nurses and other health care providers (i.e. nurse endoscopists, physician assistants, nurse anesthetists) as well as the roles of RNs, RPNs/LPNs and RPsychNs and their impact on health, provider, and system outcomes


Healthy Work Environment
Developing and Sustaining Effective Staffing and Workload Practices
Healthy Work Environment Recommendations