Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Practice Recommendations

  Recommendations Type of Evidence
1.1 Use brief interventions to screen all clients for all forms of tobacco use and initiate intervention as appropriate. Ia, Ib
2.1 Develop a person-centred tobacco intervention plan with the  client. V
3.1 Provide clients with, or refer them to, intensive interventions and counselling on the use of pharmacotherapy, if they use tobacco and express an interest in reducing or quitting their tobacco use. Ia, V
3.2 Treat or refer all pregnant or postpartum women at every encounter for intensive behavioural counselling for tobacco harm reduction, cessation, and relapse prevention, in conjunction with nicotine replacement therapy, on a case by case basis. Ia, Ib, V
4.1 Evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention plan until the client’s goals are met V
5.1  Incorporate evidence-based content on tobacco interventions in health-care professional education programs. Ib, IIb, IV, V
5.2 Ensure delivery of the tobacco intervention curriculum is facilitated by educators who are trained and skilled in the field of tobacco use interventions.



Addiction and Mental Health
Integrating Tobacco Interventions into Daily Practice
Practice Recommendations