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Administration of MMT - Tips for Right Route for Oral Ingestion of Methadone

  • Methadone is always diluted in a 100-cc fruit drink to ensure that is ingested orally and not injected. Methadone can be mixed in a smaller volume of clear fluid if clients are NPO for surgery.
  • The client should be observed the entire time he/she is drinking their dose.
  • The client should be engaged in conversation after his/her dose to ensure that they have ingested the medication.
  • The nurse should ensure that the client has consumed the entire contents of the bottle; any remaining amount not consumed by the client should be recorded and reported to the physician.
  • The container used to dispense methadone should be filled with water, and the client should drink this as well to ensure the whole dose is taken and swallowed.
  • Policies of the institution should be followed concerning the observation of inmates while ingesting methadone.
  • For security reasons and confidentiality, the dispensing container should be discarded according to organizational policies.
  • Clients who are nauseated (especially pregnant women) should be encouraged to sit and wait under observation of the dispensing nurse to ensure they do not vomit their dose. If vomiting occurs less than 30 minutes after consumption, the physician can order a replacement dose of 25 to 75%. If emesis occurs more than 30 minutes after consumption, the dose does not need to be replaced.
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