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General Information About Substance Use

CAMH Mental Health & Addiction Information A-Z, is a section of the CAMH website that provides information about the most searched Mental Health and Addiction topics.  It also provides links to other helpful resources.

ConnexxOntario: Health Services Information is a service funded by the Government of Ontario.  ConnexOntario provides free, confidential health service information for individuals experiencing issues with substance use, mental illness or gambling. 

ConnexOntario operates three helplines which are live answer 24/7, confidential and free:

 For more information , please visit:  


Opioids: Best Advice For People On, Or About To Start Taking Opioid Medications, Related To Chronic Non-Cancer Pain is an educational video by Dr. Mike Evans. Available in both English and French, this video for both clients and nurses who want to learn more about safe opioid use for chronic, non-cancer pain.  To view the video, please visit  


Parent Action on Drugs (PAD): Youth and Substance Use is an Ontario based organization that provides resources and services aimed at parents, professionals (i.e. teachers, heath promoters, practitioners) and youth regarding substance use. For more information , please visit  

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