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Avoidable and Unavoidable Pressure Injuries

  • Unavoidable pressure injuries may develop in people in the following circumstances:
  • Movement is restricted as a result of hemodynamic instability
  • Appropriate nutrition and fluids cannot be provided and/or maintained (e.g., person refuses to eat or to be fed or hydrated artificially)
  • A person is at end-of-life
  • Other circumstances impede or limit the optimization of preventative pressure injury care
  • Regardless of a person’s level of risk (e.g., high risk for pressure injuries), all patients should receive preventative pressure injury care (e.g., turning and repositioning, nutrition).
  • High-risk conditions do not make the development of pressure injuries inevitable. For example, not all high-risk individuals (e.g., individuals in intensive care units) will develop pressure injuries.
  • It is also important to highlight that pressure injuries develop as a result of a combination of individual and environmental influences.
  • Pressure injury avoidability is “usually determined when the outcome is known and preventive interventions are evaluated.”
Clinical Management
Assessment and Management of Pressure Injuries for the Interprofessional Team, Third Edition
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