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Types of Adjunctive Therapies

Electromagnetic Therapy

  • Electromagnetic therapy (EMT) refers to devices that induce an electric field within tissue through a single coiled electrode that does not need to be applied directly to the tissue (i.e., it can be placed on top of the dressing).
  • At the time of writing, no significant adverse events have been documented with respect to the use of EMT as an adjunctive therapy for the treatment of pressure injuries.
  •  EMT is contraindicated in people:
    • with electrical device implants (e.g., pacemakers)
    • with an organ transplant
    • who are pregnant
    • active bleeding
    • active deep vein thrombosis
    • suspected or confirmed cancer


  • Ultrasound (US) is a form of vibratory or mechanical stimulus that oscillates at a frequency too high to be detected by the human ear.
  • Ultrasound treatment can be applied to open wounds using contact and non-contact technologies.
  • US is contraindicated in people:
    • with uncontrolled bleeding tissue
    • untreated hemorrhagic disorders
    • areas of suspected or known malignancy
    • active deep vein thrombosis (DVT) causing clot
    • recently radiated tissues or ectopic bone formation (e.g., myositis ossifi cans)
    • tissues with encapsulated or virulent infection (e.g., tuberculosis)

Ultraviolet Light

  • Ultraviolet light has wavelengths that are shorter than those in the light that is visible to humans.
  • The NPUAP, EPUAP, & PPPIA guideline recommends only the short-term application of UVC, if other traditional therapies fail.

Laser Therapy is Not Recommended

  • Currently, there is limited evidence on the efficacy of laser therapy as a pressure injury treatment.
  • Moreover, the results are mixed, it is unclear what type of laser should be used, and a potential for harm to or contamination of the person’s pressure injury exists if an inexperienced health-care professional performs the therapy.
  • Other reputable guidelines do not support the routine use of laser therapy at this time.
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Assessment and Management of Pressure Injuries for the Interprofessional Team, Third Edition
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