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Perinatal Depression Prevention Strategies

  • Prevention strategies for perinatal depression aim to preserve the well-being of the person and mitigate the adverse effects of the disorder.
  • Evidence supports prevention strategies for perinatal depression for those with risk factors or early symptoms.
  • Examples of effective prevention strategies include:
    •  Psychoeducation such as health education and information on topics such as modifiable risk factors for postpartum depression and ways to reduce these factors); and/or
    • Psychotherapies such as non-directive counseling, empathic listening and reflection. 
  • For persons who are vulnerable due to experiences of health inequities, tailored prevention initiatives that are indicated including providing the intervention in the participants’ first language or adjusting the content to reflect local values and culture. To support and increase the uptake of and receptiveness towards mental health services, practical support can be included such as the provision of bus tickets and on-site daycare during interventions. 
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