Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Guideline Frameworks: Clinical Adoption Framework

The Clinical Adoption Framework provides a conceptual model for understanding the micro, meso, and macro dimensions of the implementation context that influence health professionals’ successful adoption of eHealth solutions in different settings. At the micro level, factors that influence the clinical adoption of eHealth solutions include the quality of the system, information, and service; use of the system and user satisfaction with it; and net benefits. Contextual factors at the meso level directly influence the adoption of eHealth solutions at the micro level. These contextual factors include the people, the organization, and the implementation of the technology itself. Environmental factors at the macro level directly influence the degree to which contextual factors at the meso level affect clinical adoption. These environmental factors include health care standards; legislation, policy, and governance; funding and incentives; and societal, political, and economic trends. The Individual/Organization recommendations address the micro and meso dimensions of the implementation context.

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Adopting eHealth Solutions: Implementing Strategies
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