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Helping You Manage Your Pain

  • Nurses and other health-care professionals are available to help find the best way to relieve or manage your pain.
  • Nurses and other health-care professionals use the following principles:
    • Pain is unique and different for each person.
    • Pain that continues after treatment must be assessed by health-care professionals to identify the best possible way to manage the person’s pain.
    • People experiencing pain and their families need to be involved in decisions about the care and management of pain.
    • A variety of health-care professionals may be involved in the assessment and management of pain, especially if the person’s pain is complex.
  • If you are experiencing pain, tell your nurse, doctor or any health-care professional right away.
  • When you have told a health-care professional that you are in pain, be prepared to talk about:
    • Location – where are you having pain? Does the pain move from one place to another?
    • Description – how would you describe the pain?
    • Duration and frequency – when does your pain start? How long does it last and how often does it occur?
    • Intensity – how would you rate your pain?
    • Treatment – what do you do to ease your pain?
    • Goals – what would help you manage or control the pain?
  • Your answers and the results from the physical exam and any other tests will help health-care professionals work with you to develop the best pain plan possible.
  • Frequent checks by health-care professionals helps them to assess if the pain management plan is working or needs to be changed.
  • To view the complete Helping You Manage Your Pain Health Education Fact Sheet click here
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