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Adjuncts to Secure VAD

  • The following adjuncts can be used to further secure the VAD:
    • Tape and/or sterile surgical strips;
    • Sutures;
    • Securement devices; and
    • Stabilization dressings: specially designed securement and dressing products.
  • Tapes
    • Without obscuring the insertion site, the catheter hub can be secured with tape or sterile surgical strips as long as the tape is not applied directly to the catheter-skin junction site.
    • Do not use pins of any kind to secure a device as this can damage the device and subsequently interfere with therapeutic outcomes for the client.
  • Sutures
    • Sutures may be used to secure the hub of the catheter to the client’s skin.
    • Suturing the catheter increases the risk of needle stick injuries to the health care provider.
    • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommend using engineering controls as one option to secure medical catheters.
  • Securement Devices
    • These devices are designed to reduce complications associated with suturing including needle stick injuries and client infection.
    • Securement devices must be changed at least every seven days.
  • Tubing can be looped to relieve tension and is secured with tape independent of catheter tape, thus preventing dislodgement of the catheter by an accidental pull on the tubing.
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