Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Planning Guide for Educational Materials


What knowledge or attitudes are you trying to enhance?

What specific behaviour(s) are you trying to change?

What “message” do you wish to convey?

How will this material be different from existing materials?

How will this material help/benefit your practice/program?

How will this material be helpful to the learner?

Target audience

Who is the target audience? Students, patients, staff?

What are the characteristics of the target audience?

What is their previous experience?

What do they already know?

What motivates the audience?

What are their interests and habits related to the topic?

Are members of the target audience available to evaluate materials?


Has a literature search been completed?

Have you identified and assessed existing materials?

Has the target audience validated the learning need, content and format?

Have content experts validated the accuracy and relevance of the content?

Does the content support the hospital’s mission, vision and values?


What theoretical framework guides the knowledge, value or behaviour change?

Is this framework appropriate and relevant to the learner?


How will this material be used by the learner?

Is the material easy to access and use?

How will this material be displayed and distributed?

Does the format support learning (self-directed, group)?

Is the material user-friendly?

If computer-based, is it compatible with existing systems?

If printed, do table of contents, index and bibliography contribute to ease of use?


What source(s) of funding will be used to acquire or develop this material?

What quantity is needed?

Can production costs be estimated from printing specifications? (# of pages, paper

size, paper weight, artwork, binding, # of copies)


Is the material up-to-date?

Does it replace existing material?

Does it add additional information?

Are the producer, editor and author reputable?

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Client and Family Education