Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Purpose & Scope


This guideline:

  • Aims to strengthen collaborative practice among nurses
  • Focuses on collaborative practice amongst three types of nursing professionals – registered nurse (RN), registered practical nurse (RPN) and nurse practitioner (NP)
  • Explores what fosters healthy work environments



This guideline identifies:

  • best practices for intra-professional practice; and
  • The organizational culture, values and relationships, and the structures and processes required, for developing and sustaining effective intra-professional nursing practice among nurses.


Target Audience:

  • This guideline is aimed at all categories of nurse in all roles and practice settings, including administrators at the unit, organizational and system level, clinical nurses, students, educators and researchers.
  • It is also for use by policy makers and governments, professional organizations, employers, labour groups and federal, provincial and territorial standard-setting bodies.
Healthy Work Environment
Intra-professional Collaborative Practice among Nurses
Background Information