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Individual/ Team Recommendations

Individual/ Team Recommendations 1.0 Nursing Collaborative Practice Individual / Team Recommendations

Recommendation 1.1:

Nurses develop an understanding of the roles, values and behaviours that support intra-professional collaborative practice by:

  • learning about the attributes of supportive teams; and
  • demonstrating willingness to work effectively with others.

Recommendation 1.2:

Nurses acquire and demonstrate the attributes of team work through:

  • learning about the impact of interpersonal factors on the team;
  • team building activities;
  • demonstrating their commitment to the team; and
  • communicating effectively and openly, based on a clear understanding of their own roles scope of practice, and those of other team members.

Recommendation 1.3:

Nurses initiate collaborative processes to improve patient/client outcomes, in particular when the acuity of the patient/client is increasing:

  • in circumstances when a diagnosis has not been established, the patient should be assigned to an RN to ensure the continuity of care

Recommendation 1.4:

Nurse  managers  model  effective  team  behaviour  and demonstrate    power-sharing. 

Recommendation 1.5:

Nurses enhance the quality of work environments and improve outcomes for patients/clients by establishing processes and structures to promote intra-professional collaboration. Nurses should do this by:

  • collaboratively establishing processes for shared decision- making in a variety of circumstances; and
  • introducing   non-hierarchical,   democratic   working   practices

Recommendation 1.6:

Nurses promote open, honest and transparent communication by

  • promoting a culture of effective communication; and
  • establishing processes for verbal, written and electronic communication.

Recommendation 1.7:

  • Nurses   promote   intra-professional   collaborative   practice   by creating   supportive   learning   environments   and   participating   as mentors  to  students


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