Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Recommended Targets for Blood Glucose Control



Fasting Glucose

before meals

Glucose level

2 hours after eating

Type 2 diabetes

< 7 %

•  Target A1C of

< 6.5% may be considered in some patients with Type 2 diabetes to further lower the risk of nephropathy but

this must be balanced against the risk of hypoglycemia and increased risk of mortality inpatients who are at signifi- cantly elevated risk

of cardiovascular disease (Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines

Expert Committee, 2008).


4-7 mmol/L

5-10 mmol/L

(5.0 -8.0 if A1C

targets not

being met)

Chronic Disease
Subcutaneous Administration of Insulin in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes
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