Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Purpose & Scope

  • To provide evidence-based recommendations for nurses, nurse practitioners, and nursing students and other health-care providers to facilitate client centred learning that promotes and enables clients to take action for their health
  • it is our responsibility to facilitate client centred learning in a way that clients can understand and that respects their perspective, needs and values
  • Facilitating client centred learning effectively has the potential to improve and enhance the client experience as outlined in The Excellent Care for All Act, (Bill 46) legislated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ontario (2010)
  • Nurses are uniquely positioned to facilitate structured and informal learning opportunities for their clients 
  • Regardless of how client centred learning is framed (self-care, self-management, client teaching, client education, health teaching) the recommendations and related strategies can be used in any setting across the continuum of care
  • This best practice guideline focuses on adults over the age of 18. The needs of children and youth, related to developmental stages and learning, is beyond the scope of this guideline.
  • Specific strategies to facilitate learning in special populations and accommodation to disabilities are also beyond the scope of this guideline.
Facilitating Client Centred Learning
Background Information